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HR manager

Tools adoption and acceptance

What digital tools are my employees using?
Are they supported by those tools in their daily job?

Ux designer

Service design research

What does my product feel like for my customers?
What feature or improvement would facilitate its use?

marketing team

Customer satisfaction

What is our product’s perceived quality?
What do our customers expect from us in the future?

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design a survey

Set your requirements, goals and design your survey


Implement, test, translate and review your survey


Engage with your users, distribuite and monitor your survey


Analyze the gathered data and build reports or dashboard

Success story

Flying the new normal

With the COVID-19 pandemic, propensity to fly and flying habits of passengers have been profoundly impacted. Understanding these changes and comparing them with the pre-pandemic situation is crucial for an airport infrastructure manager like SEA - Aeroporti di Milano.


Asking directly to flight passengers about their opinion, during a period when everybody is "online" and using a digital tool that fosters engagement and personal reflection.


Conversational survey launched in November 2020, collecting information from 350+ passengers, who highly appreciated the interaction with Coney (99% satisfaction, 73% prefers a conversational survey to a traditional one).


SEA Aeroporti di Milano gained an interesting picture of the dominant opinion and propensity to flight of their passengers during the pandemic period and also showed attention and care towards customers in a digital, engaging and innovative way.

Meet the Coney team

The Coney Toolkit was developed by a team from Cefriel

damiano scandolari

Product Owner

gloria re calegari

Data Lead

mario scrocca

Technology Lead

Irene celino

Executive Lead

our publications

Irene Celino, Gloria Re Calegari
Submitting surveys via a conversational interface: an evaluation of user acceptance and approach effectiveness.
International Journal of Human-Computer Studies, 2020.

D. Scandolari, G. Re Calegari, M. Scrocca and I. Celino
Coney: a Conversational survey Toolkit.
Proceedings of CHItaly (Poster), Padova, September 2019.

D. Scandolari, M. Scrocca, G. Re Calegari and I. Celino:
Coney: A Conversational Approach to Enhance Engagement in Surveys.
Proceedings of the Open Science Fair 2019 (Demo), Porto, September 2019

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